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1994 Born in Shantou, Guangdong

2013 Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a bachelor's degree

Currently studies at the Sculpture Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institutfor a master’s degree




The 7th Tomorrow Sculpture Awards, Luo Zhongli Art Museum, Chongqing, China


Composite International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Lutai Exhibition Center, 

Weifang, China

Selection of Zeng Zhushao Sculpture Fellowship Candidates and Winners, China Sculpture Museum, Datong, China


The First Shenzhen “Spoonbill Cup” Public Art Exhibition, Shenzhen New Space Public Art Institute, Shenzhen, China

The Covenant of Rainbow - Communicative Art Exhibition Between Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits, Jiuding Art Museum, Taipei, China

Suzhou Center Art Awards - “Light of College” Art Competition, Suzhou Center, Suzhou, China


Li Shudan: hope to find another new world from the ruins. Whether there is really a good result or not, the material of this work is Malus chinensis, which has obvious reference in Chinese semantics. Begonia no fragrance, because Begonia secret love to go, afraid of people smell out of mind, so give up incense. Begonia often symbolizes bitter love and emotional twists and turns. When it comes to spring, crabapple blooms all kinds of flowers, but it is really only death, without life and emotion. How many things are the same, bumping into the heart, painstakingly farming, and how many people can fulfill their wishes. "Green landscape" is a mixture of urban and humanistic free mood. It uses the symbols and building materials of Chinese green landscape to reconstruct a new form of aesthetic feeling. It seeks history in the continuous replacement, and is constantly covered and lost. The tree that fell in the wind and rain became the fruit. Different shapes and dynamics of the tree were carved to find the result of natural and artificial joint forces.