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2000 Born in New York

Currently studies at School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a bachelor´s degree  




You I She He, M’Studio Personal Project, Beijing, China


“Return to the Source - Cai Jin & Edie Siyi Xu’s Double Solo Exhibition”, Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, China




“Beyond Borders”, Online Exhibition

“Art-Bash”, SAIC Online Exhibition


“The Natural World”, Siragusa Gallery, Chicago, the United States

“Art Nova 100”, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China

“NANA POWER”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

“Techne and Art”, Space Station, Beijing, China


“2117+” - Exhibition for the New Strength of the Generation after 90s, Gauguin Gallery, Beijing, China


“Tiny Packages of Warmth”, Yue Museum, Beijing, China


“Childhood and Beyond”, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China


Edie Siyi Xu: My previous work has been mostly focused on soft sculpture and wearable sculptures. Recently I started to explore the ideas of time through a video format. The video piece addresses the concept of repetitiveness, wherein a given environment a repetitive act happens throughout time even when we try to stop it. Things change along with time, even though it remains what it is, just like the ice cream. Just like our everyday life, we wake up to eat and sleep. Our daily routine remains the same as our life continues to move on with the push of time.

Edie Siyi Xu-Untitled-Video-6’-2020:

I tied a wire to my sculpture and walked it from my dorm to the bean. I was interested in how the public would respond to my sculpture, and their reactions are filmed in the video. I wanted to show that art does not have to be only viewed in a gallery or museum. I was interested in the ‘first impression’ that people had towards my work in an everyday environment.