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1984 Born in Beijing

2010 Graduated from the School of Design & Arts of Beijing Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing




Forgery, Public Space in Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Special Project at the 57th La Biennale di Venezia, Armory, Venice, Italy


Loop Channel, Baiyunxinqiao Public Space, Beijing, China

Go to the Street, Public Space at the North Gate of 798 ArtDist, Beijing, China


Guo Jia: A city is like a modern-industry-forged cage, where we are trapped and involuntarily transformed, and the pure loneliness will wait you in the corner, all the time.

Loneliness series focus on the everyday life focusing on the depiction of the unconventional character “urban animals”, and give us an insight into what loneliness will be like when we feel in the familiar environment that the loneliness is concretized after we having empathy with the images.

Inspired by these works involved in this series, we can hereby try to describe the fairly hefty sense of loneliness, and even start a marvelous and adventurous exploration incorporating the stages of describing loneliness, knowing about loneliness and then knowing of others. We can judge through observation whether loneliness is doomed negative, isolated, dim or a leper.

To comprehend loneliness, an across-the-board expression should be made about it, which will guide you to someone meant to strike a chord with you. If loneliness remains haunting you day in and day out, perhaps you should treat it like a pet instead of considering it as a cumber on you.