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1990 Born in Yantai, Shandong Province

2012 Graduated from the Visual Communication Department of Beijing Technology and Business University with a bachelor’s degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing and Shandong




Look Up - Li Ningxin Solo Exhibition, M Studio, Beijing, China



The Train Plan, The Taepu Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu, China


The Second Site, PPPP, Beijing, China

Week Ten, Hewei, Chongqing, China

GUYU Action - 13th International Performance Art Festival, Xi’an, China

Pearl River Project - Pearl River Basin Performance Art Document Singapore Station, Coda Culture, Singapore


Schopenhauer said in On the Sorrows of the world that any measure of happiness for a given life is determined not by its degree of pleasure and pleasure, but by its degree of relief from pain. Here, pain is an essentialism, and just when we think of it as negative, the pessimist Schopenhauer thinks of it as positive, because life can only sprout in pain.

For Li Ningxin, who set foot on the road of art regardless of personal risk, art is the channel of liberation.Her work about the body, the family, the environment, society and the world around her is explosive and controlled. Sanding in front of her works, the audience is not interpreted as a third party on the safety island, but is directly pulled into the scene of the event by her. The pain you feel is the real pain, the powerlessness you feel is the real powerlessness, and the discomfort you feel is the real discomfort.

The truth of this feeling is not a by-product of the audience, but a synesthesia formed by direct transmission. It is the core part of Li Ningxin’s creation, and the concept of the work itself is coupled in synesthesia. She has mastered a subtle emotional hypnosis and achieved this balance. -The Black Boxes