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1990 Born in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province

2013 Graduated from the Art Education Department of China Academy of Art with a bachelor´s degree

2015 Graduated from the Painting Department of San Francisco Art Institute with a master´s degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing




Recent Paintings, Tyler Wood Gallery, New York, the United States

Residency Project - I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It, OCT Boxes Art Museum, Guangzhou, China




Shiny Art Animal Crossing Art Carnival, Shiny Art, Shanghai, China


Jungle III – Common, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China

Lucid Art Residency Annual Exhibition, Gallery Route One, Inverness, the United States


White Album, George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, the United States

Inner Clarity, Boxes Art Space, Shenzhen, China

Urban Lawns, Mim Gallery, Los Angeles, the United States


Wang Zhiyuan: “A painting is a effective meeting of material, psyche, time and movement, enacted upon surface therein containing consciousness, identity, social, racial, philo-spiritual, physical and psycho-sexual states of being that slowly or rapidly unfold through action, conceptually or perceptually referenced.” Painting creates image, the making process is also an image. In this relatively open process, I focus more on how to make the painting than what to paint, not limited to specific materials, methods, tools, time and so on. I believe that freedom can be found in any specific creative process, and painting itself is the source of inspiration, reference and content.