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1987 Born in Linyi, Shandong Province

2009 Graduated from the Second Studio of the Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts

Currently works and lives in Beijing


Group exhibition


The 7th Stars Project Youth Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tree Art Museum, Beijing, China


Centripetal Force, Art Window of Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


2014 CIGE, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

Dream Apparition - Shi Weigeng and Sun Peng Duo Exhibition, Milestone, Beijing, China


Declaration of Independence - Giant Cup Today National Art Students Annual Awards, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Carousel - the Third Chinese New Painting Prize, Times Museum, Beijing, China


Exhibition of Awarded Works of Wang Jialian Oil Painting Scholarship, CAFA, Beijing, China

The Start of a Long Journey - Exhibition of Excellent Graduates of the CAFA, Beijing, China



Shi Weigeng: In modern life, electronic industrial products such as computers, televisions and mobile phones have a closer relationship with people than nature. In order to expand the human sensory experience and make life more convenient, these machines are  constantly updating and advancing over time.

These works are based on the reflection of the industrial society, exploring the dissolution and reshaping of the spiritual life and emotional world of people by machines. Affected by Carl Jung's theories of "collective unconscious" and "prototype", I tried to establish the connection between machines and human subconscious world.

In my imagination, the deep subconsciousness of modern people is a chaotic world which is both primitive and modern, and where the concepts of time and space are confounded. The land is barren, and there are creatures wandering around, which are the fusion of humans, machines and animals, and seems to be a new species created and then abandoned by the Creator.