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1998 Born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

2011 Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Nanjing University of the Arts with a bachelors degree

2010 Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with a masters degree

Currently works and lives in Nanjing




AMNUA Zero Scheme Sixteenth Cycles - Qin Tian Solo Exhibition, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China


Qin Tian: “During the whole of a dull, dark soundless day in the autumn of that year, when the clouds hung oppressively low in heaven, I had been passing alone on the horse’s back through the singularly, dreary tract in the country, and at length found myself, as the shades of evening drew on, within the view of melancholy House of Usher. I know not how it was, but with the first glimpse of the building, a sense of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit. I looked upon the scene before me the simple landscape features of the domain, upon the bleak walls, upon the white trunks of decayed trees, with the utter depression souls. There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart.” -The Fall of the House of Usher, Edgar Allan Poe

I want to create a form, which concludes the spirit described in Poe’s novel. The house of Usher is not only merely an old and crapped castle, but reflecting the current situation of society.