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1999 Born in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province

Currently Studies at the School of Experimental Art of Central Academy of Fine Arts for a bachelor´s degree  




UNFOLD - AR Online Exhibition, Online Exhibition


Black Hawk Moth, Xuyuan Art World, Beijing, China

TGC Tencent Digital Cultural and Creative Festival -The Skybox of Poetic Digital Imagination, Sun Moon Plaza, Haikou, China


Peng Jiayuan: I hope to use virtual art to achieve a kind of enhancement of "sensory space". Taking virtual (augmented) reality as an example, the technology is to capture the space coordinates of the reality from the virtual, or to analyze the virtual location from the reality, so that it can create a sense of illusion. "Maybe something is really in your room", or "maybe you really walk into another space", virtual (augmented) reality may give the audience's senses such illusions. My creation is based on those illusions, rethinking the meaning of virtual technology to us and exploring other possibilities in the combination of virtual and reality.