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Fan Ding

1994 Born in BaoDing, Hebei

Currently lives and works in Beijing




"the edge of reality", L.A.P Gallery, Wuhan, China




CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto

Three Shadows Photography Phopho Fair, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing

Wuhan Photo Art Fair, My Photogallery, Wuhan


The Tate Gallery is hosting a show called Performing for the Camera, which discusses photography and performance art. In Korea, it is translated as "performing for the camera." In the Chinese context, performing for the camera is an interesting way of saying.

A top hat, a black dress, I as a symbol to intervene in the real and fake natural life landscape, to examine the surrounding environment, to direct and act the plot of the dream. Combine those illusory thoughts with reality, blurring the boundary between reality and dreams.

My works often convey a feeling of loneliness, because I think loneliness is the normal state of life, everyone should try to get along with loneliness, and reconcile with loneliness in the fission and growth of self.

What is photography, recording, capturing and for me, being true to myself