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Fu Xinghan

1998 Born in Hebei Shijiazhuang

2020 Graduated from the printmaking department of Nanjing Academy of Arts with a bachelor's degree

Member of Jiangsu Young Artists Association




The 8th Fanxing Plan Youth Contemporary Art Exhibition,TREE Art Museum,Beijing,China

Annual exhibition of Jiangsu Young Artists Association,Huaian Museum,Jiangsu,China


Serbia international printmaking Triennial Exhibition,Belgrade,Serbia

Outstanding graduation works exhibition of Nanjing University of Arts,Nanjing,China

The 6th China Youth Print Exhibition,China Printmaking Museum,Shenzhen,China

The 6th National Youth library ticket Exhibition

Excellent award of China watermark library ticket Exhibition

The first "Yiya" Chinese modern watermark Printmaking Exhibition


Jiangsu youth printmaker exhibition


The spiritual experience is often very vague at the drawing stage, but it will become clear step by step with the continuous improvement of the work. Along with this creation method, I can gradually create narrative image compositions in my creation. The common landscapes in the works, such as trees, green birds, blue squares, etc., symbolize the emotional experience of self-awareness in the spiritual world when facing a harmonious and full life state in time and space. On the other hand, "I" is equal to these landscapes. These "lands" I constantly construct, and they are constantly immersed in shaping me. In this dialogue, you can obtain proof of the existence of your own spirit, and also make the creative process itself more meaningful.


Thoughts are expressed through the use of the physical nature of different media. The final picture is the effect of a series of media superimposed evolution, which is reflected in the creation of printmaking and comprehensive materials. Therefore, the continuous experimentation of media materiality is also a random trial and error process. Trial and error can be felt, and errors can also be allowed or corrected. The most important thing is that the existence of feeling has become an important reason for the free growth of the picture, which makes me constantly feel fresh and creative. Creating in this way can gradually establish my current feelings with the help of traditional spiritual values, and also enable me to reach a pure state in continuous dialogue with myself, images and media, so as to find the value of the individual spirit and resist homogenization.