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Liu Guiyu

1996 Born in Huanggang, Hu Bei Province

In 2019, she was awarded the bachelor's degree in Digital Media Art by The School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts. In the same year, I studied as a graduate student of Media Art in School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts.


2021Beijing Design Week 751 Design Festival "Hyperlink" exhibition, Beijing

2021"Boundless Green" Guihai Qinglan Artist Resident Project, Guilin

2021New Media Art Exhibition "Inspiration Maze", Hefei, China

2020The 2nd Nanjing Zijin Award Design Exhibition, Nanjing

2020Endless Endless, 798 Art District, Beijing

2020Youth 100 Exhibition, Beijing

2019Art and Technology Exhibition in post-Life-Intelligence Era, Chongqing, China

2019the 8th Postgraduate Exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

2019The 5th International Exhibition of Art and Technology, National Museum of China

20192019 Wuhan International Maker Art Festival", Wuhan, China

2019Linz Electronic Arts Festival, Linz, Austria

2019Graduation exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Body Writing, collection of Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum.

2017The 7th "Youth Footprint" Exhibition, Beijing

2017 Symbol Of Shanghai - Shanghai Style Road Protection Culture Tour Series Exhibition, Shanghai


Focus on the extension of body perception, explore the relationship between body and data, body and ecological environment.

We already live in an intelligent environment, where physical states and emotions more or less leave traces in the data world. I have explored and expressed the relationship between body perception, data and environment. In this process, smart wearable has become my creation medium. Creative forms mainly include intelligent wearable, interactive images, interactive installations, biological art, etc.