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Qi Wen

1986 Born in Hebei

2008 Graduated from sculpture Department of Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University with a Master’s degree

Currently lives in Beijing



Luo Zhongli scholarship finalist award


“Academic Original Creative”Plastic Arts Awards


Yuan Yunfu art scholarship


Zeng Zhushao Sculpture Art scholarship

Giant Cup Today National Art Students Annual Awards

The author took a keen interest in traditional Chinese wood machinery and its relationship with sculpture, and began to study it, and at the same time tried to apply ancient woodmachine production technology to contemporary dynamic sculpture, creating a series of interactive dynamic sculpture works. Most of the creation is the thinking about the real problems in contemporary social life and culture, using mechanical devices, programming, etc. as creative mediums, trying to construct the transformation and integration of tradition and contemporary through this artistic language. The creator hid the questions and contradictions raised in the sculpture, but did not want to make the work obscure, so he left clues for the audience to reveal the mystery. While the work interacts with the audience, it also teases the deep thinking behind the work in an absurd, humorous way.