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Qian Wu

1991 Born in Xiamen, Fujian province

Graduated from the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University,

and received master degree from the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at

Columbia University.

From 2011 to 2016, he studied at the Art Students League of New York, and he completed the first advanced research class on abstract art at Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2020.




“A Ten-Year Dream—The Solo Exhibition of Qian Wu's Ink Series”, Guan Shanyue Art

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“Attainment through Formlessness— The Solo Exhibition of Qian Wu's Recent Works”,

Powerlong Art Center, Xiamen

“Wandering in the Crossroads—The Exhibition of Qian Wu’s Recent Works”, Elga

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“The First Solo Exhibition of Qian Wu's Artworks”, Gallery456, New York, USA




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Fuqing Museum, Fuqing

“Pulse—Chinese Contemporary Painting Exhibition”, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum,

Fukuoka, Japan

“The Third Powerlong Art Award Selected Exhibition”, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai





Wu has refined a unique style exhibiting influence from both the Eastern and the Western traditions. He paints on dry, semi-dry and wet surfaces, adding multiple layers of paint to create a wide range of effects. Using acrylic, oil or both, mixed with ink and water, with his black and white palette, he has put together all the information and technique he acquired since his time as a youngster to evoke a state of mind that underlies any apparent “reality.” He creates pictures sensitive to the Taoist spirit that his Chinese predecessors honored. In life and art, he expresses personality in his work, manifesting the sacred harmonious relationship between yin and yang.

 Mark Bloch “Wandering in the Crossroads: Qian Wu's Recent Works


From the expression to the structuring, and from “hot abstract” to “cold abstract”, Qian

Wu seeks for more profound understanding of the logic and the narrative pattern behind

western abstract art. Meanwhile, he believes that, mere pursuit of art form and art language, if without spiritual core, would be pale and bland. Holding this belief, he takes

Chinese ink as the medium, working on strengthening the expression of lines, building

connections through the “writing”, and occasionally allowing some “contingency” to add

uncertainty and vagueness to his artwork.

  He Guiyan “Idea and Form—Qian Wu's Experiment on Abstract Painting


Qian Wu's artwork is deeply rooted in the eastern aesthetics but presented in the western contemporary art style. It conveys the wisdom of Laotsu and Zhaungtsu  tranquility and inaction. It successfully passes on the spirit of the traditional ink painting in the form of western painting.

  Yao Quanxing “Fascination and Inner Need— Reflections on the First Solo Exhibition of Qian Wu's Artworks”