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Trinley Dechen

1994 Born in Fuzhou, Jiangxi

2016 Graduated from the Visual Communication Department of Jiangnan University School of Design with a bachelor’s Degree

2021 Graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s Degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing




“Aletheia” National Tour Exhibition of Young Artists, Constitute Art Space, Inner Mongolia,

“Aletheia” National Tour Exhibition of Young Artists, Meilun Art Museum. Shengzhi Space, Beijing

Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Graduation Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing


"Design for Transformation" Graduation Exhibition of Jiangnan University School of Design, Wuxi Museum, Jiangsu



The theory of Heat Death of the Universe came into contact with me while reading Wang Xiaobo's novel "The Silver Age". Heat death means that all matter in the universe reaches a kind of thermal equilibrium, and there is no longer any energy that can sustain motion or life in this universe. Although it is a conjecture of the ultimate destiny of the universe, but occasionally imagined that it feels a little romantic.

Therefore, I am not a desperate supporter of the heat death of the universe.

The woodcut pictures show some forest scenes, which are also related to my childhood memories of growing up in the mountain village. The retrospect of memories is not only no longer nostalgia, But also the dialogue between soul and heaven (just a piece of my own little world).

The FM sound of the radio in the short film shows that the signal seems to be not very good. The so-called Memories are a road with no return. The protagonist in the film falls into the water from the moon, struggles, escapes, and enters different limits. I can't imagine the extreme pain, but what is the happiest thing? It may be the beginning of life, when the baby is wrapped in amniotic fluid, not cold, not hungry, so the resin at the end of the film floods the forest, destroys the forest, and regenerates the forest. All dangerous animals, cute animals, advanced animals, being soaked in resin that symbolizes amniotic fluid, this is my gentle interpretation of the "romantic" heat death...