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Zhang Jiaqin

studying master in the Department of Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts

The third studio of the Department of Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Undergraduate graduation





"Insight&Vision in Life" Suzhou Special Exhibition | Special Unit: "Pathway", UCCA Lab and Suzhou Yinshan Lake Art Museum,  Suzhou

2020 SAP Art Awards

"Cornerstone", Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

"De-Criticism-Art Media and Cultural Media", Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

"The 11th New Star Art Award Top100"


"Zeng Zhushao Sculpture Art Scholarship", Datong, Shanxi

"That time / at this time," the Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition


"Pan Shaotang Sculpture Art Scholarship"


"CAFA Young Artist- Stone Sculpture Exhibition", Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing



Since modern sculpture, sculpture has included a variety of production techniques and expression methods. Therefore, the appearance of contemporary sculpture is different from the previous form. It is a new perspective and new method. It shows our thinking from the unit to pluralism, simple to complex. Modern lifestyles are diverse, and the existence of sculpture in space is no longer a statement of a certain content, but the space of the work itself is taken as a reconsideration in the whole work.

We make the body a communication medium for consciousness and the external world through the sensory links of the body. In addition to the perceptual function of the body, the senses also include the operation of consciousness in it. In our life, our perception of the living environment is too familiar, so our perception of most of the objects that appear around is in a shielded state. Therefore, I hope that through my works, we can realize the perception of everyday objects in life to extract new possibilities, so that the audience can feel and be able to revisit where we are in life.