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1989 Born in Harbin 

2009 Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Harbin Normal University with a bachelor’s degree

2017 Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Harbin Normal University with a master’s degree

Currently works and lives in Harbin




The Third "La Vite dell'Arte" International Theme Exhibition A60 Contemporary Art Space (Milan) Italy

The Contemporary Art Exhibition of "Structure·Narration-Visual Tea Classics"Shanghai

Sailing on land of the first exhibition in 2022 Ark Gallery  Nanjing


China's young and middle-aged painters' comprehensive material painting works will be invited for a tour exhibition Art Museum of Harbin Normal University  Harbin

We will move towards a comprehensive celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party Exhibition Art Museum of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts  Xi'an

Blue to Green New Oil Painting Exhibition in Heilongjiang XianSubaopu Art Museum  Harbin 

National Tour of Ink Art  Shanghai Fengxian District Library  Shanghai 

Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition Huzhou Art Museum  Huzhou 


The first comprehensive material painting biennial exhibition in Heilongjiang Province Hongchang Art Museum  Harbin 

"Art Double 11" Sonf Art Museum  Beijing 

National Tour of Ink Art  Wuhu Qinhuangdao Exhibition of implied gesture paintings 

The first experimental art exhibition in Heilongjiang Province Hongchang Art Museum  Harbin 


"Border Penetration" Salon Exhibition XianSubaopu Art Museum  Harbin 

Qingxuan Salon Art Exhibition in Hongchang Art Museum Hongchang Art Museum Harbin 

Qianjiangyoushui Art Exhibition of New Artists Hongchang Art Museum Harbin 

Art Pingyao ArtLaozi Youth Artists Exhibition  Pingyao 

"Looking for the Image" Externally and Internally Banbi Shanfang Art Space Shanghai 


"Colorful Chinese Micro Art Exhibition"  Venice, Italy 


Diversity and Reconstruction - Shanghai Contemporary Youth Joint Exhibition Tactile Art Center Shanghai

The 4th China US Excellent Art Works Exhibition Lujiazui Shanghai Center Shanghai


I have been trying to use abstract graphic language to interpret the "security problems" around me, which is also a rethinking of the current individuals, groups, and society, as well as the interpretation of living conditions and security patterns and the raising of problems.Under the influence of certain specific conditions, the work itself is the result of interpretation and transformation, as well as the feedback to the phenomenon and essence.The "symbolic images" often appearing in my works, such as speed bumps, safety exits, well covers, fire exits, and so on, which are related to safety, are translated into the picture in an abstract way, which makes us feel that there is a rule, a warning.

Symbols have been deeply integrated into our lives, affecting our every move. In a sense, is the refinement and transformation of symbols also a manifestation of "de symbolization"?"Symbolization" may be an escape? The work itself is just a concrete expression of self-consciousness. It can enter into various environments and has different meanings in different fields!The symbol itself has no meaning, and its meaning and value will change in different occasions. Just like people today, they have many status symbols. With the progress of civilization, our life is full of "symbols" and "rules" all the time.We always talk about de symbolization. What is the "symbol" itself? As we have been discussing what is art, what is art itself?I think my painting is a kind of dissociation between certainty and uncertainty. At the same time, I hope my works will make people feel a sense of ritual. It is not important what it is. What is important is that it exists and happens.