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  • Jia Yuhao
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1994 Born in Taiyuan, Shaanxi Province

2017 Graduated from the Comprehensive Painting Studio of the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree

Currently works and lives in Hangzhou




"Shudder", Isgo Gallery, Shanghai, China




The Lake Mountain Comprehensive Painting Creation Research Exhibition, Sanshang Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

Between - The 1st Time of the "1 + N" Series exhibition, qitianyuan Art Center, Hangzhou

The Way to Participate in Painting in 2022: the 17th Return to Qiantang Bay Art Museum, Hangzhou, China


Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai, China

The 3rd Comprehensive Art Biennale of Zhejiang Province, Lishui Art Museum, Lishui, China


Guangzhou Art Fair, Guangzhou, China


GIVE ME FIVE in 2017 – CAFA & CAA Double Five Engineering Students Joint Exhibition Yitai Space, Hohhot, China

Graduation Works Exhibition of China Academy of Fine Arts, Art Museum of China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China

Exhibition of Excellent Graduation works of China Academy of fine arts and won the gold medal, Art Museum of China Academy of fine arts, Hangzhou, China


This series is still a description of the state of life in an uncertain environment. I try to use abstract lines and color blocks to create some fuzzy images to hint at the dizziness in the face of unknown events and things. The state of being unable to see clearly, being uncertain, or trying to explain in fantasy. In some of my works, I use some concrete images to tell, such as the falling person, the moment when the baby cuts the umbilical cord, etc.