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1994 Born in Nanning, Guangxi Province

2017 Graduated from China Central Academy Of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design

2020 Graduated from China Central Academy Of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in Arts and Technology

Currently works and lives in Beijing




Retreat and Advance - Su Yongjian & Zeng Chen Double Solo Exhibition, 6-P-M. Gallery, Shanghai, China




Synthetic Ecology - Beijing Arts and Technology Biennale, 798 CUBE, Beijing, China

We are Nature, Inter Gallery, Beijing, China

The Metamorphoses of Nature Chinese Philosophy of Mythology and the Space-time Order, Yuheng Museum, Guangzhou, China

The 1st Annual Metaverse Art Exhibition @Venice, Venice Armory District, Venice, Italy

Future Theater, Anjuke Art Center, Beijing, China


Beyond the Anthropocene - An Exhibition of Future Science & Art, Kuntai Kerry Center, Beijing, China

Variations - 3rd Anren Biennale, Dajiangzhimen Cultural Center, Anren, China

Avatar: My Metaverse, Hanshan Art Museum, Suzhou, China

Animal Faith, Cryptovoxels CHIJIN Online Exhibition, online

Wormhole: Beijing 751·MR Public Art Experience Exhibition, 751 Power Plaza, Beijing, China

Do Not Black Out - Raiden Inst·Emerging Sci-Tech Artist Awards, Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Beijing Science and Technology Week Science Fiction Sub-venue and Shijingshan Science and Technology Week - "Science Fiction World" Science and Technology Art Concept Exhibition, Shougang Park No. 3 Furnace, Beijing, China

Luo Zhongli Scholarship Award-winning Works Exhibition, Luo Zhongli Art Museum, Chongqing, China


Empathy and Connection, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China

Human-Machine Interface - A Brave New World That Is Getting Out of Control, We¹Human²On³MarsOnline Exhibition, online

Futurology of Art, Guangming Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

The Epoch of Robo-Sapiens Art, Hua·Art Museum, Shenzhen, China


Shenzhen & Hong Kong BI-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, Shenzhen, China

The 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Silk Road Cultural Exchange Center, Langfang

Post-Life - Art and Technology in the Age of Intelligence, Chongqing Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China

Collective, Collaborative, Cooperative - Annual Exhibition HfG Karlsruhe, HfG Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany

Now is the Time Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beizha Silk Factory, Wuzhen, China


LIFE GEEK - 2018 Global Award-winning Works Exhibition, Sanlin Impression City, Shanghai, China

Post Life - Beijing Media Art Biennale Suzhou Tour, Hanshan Art Museum, Suzhou, China

Vibrant Digit 2.0 - Digital Resonance, 1905 Cultural and Creative Center, Shenyang

Post Life - Beijing Media Art Biennale, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

Infinity, Tiandi Art Center, Beijing, China

Bio Art Archive Drawer - Absence of Authority, Oncurating - Space, Zurich, Switzerland

Fantasy City - Raffles City Art Season, Raffles City, Beijing, China

Xinglin Extraction - National Higher Art Education Achievement Series Exhibition, China Art Museum, Shanghai, China


On the Road·2017 - Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

Revolving Tower·Design Absence, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China

Maker Faire 2017 New Media Art Exhibition, Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xi'an, China

A Journey of a Thousand Miles - The 8th China's Key Art Colleges and 2017 Graduate Excellent Works Exhibition, Art Museum, Dalian Campus of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Dalian, China

CAFA Undergraduate Graduation Works Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China


Su Yongjian was born in Nanning, Guangxi in June 1994. He studied at Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA) for undergraduate, master degrees, and currently studying for a PhD student in Art and Technology. During the study, he exchanged study abroad at HfG Karlsruhe (ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe) in Germany. He was the only winner of “First Step Award (千里行奖)” in 2017, which is the highest academic award for fresh graduate of CAFA. His works have been exhibited in important exhibitions many times around China, Switzerland, and Germany. Recent exhibitions include "The 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts", "Beyond the Anthropocene - An Exhibition of Future Science & Art", "Variations - 3rd Anren Biennale", "Shenzhen & Hong Kong BI-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture", "Post Life - 2018 Beijing Media Art Biennale" and "Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition".

His main works involve and are not limited to the media and the method of electronic media, biological materials, mechanical manufacturing, machine learning, interdisciplinary, and cross-field cooperation, in response to the exploration and speculation of the new counterbalance relationship and the boundary between human, machine and nature constituted by the technical environment itself.