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  • Song Jiayin
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1983 Born in Qingdao, Shandong Province
2007 Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Fire Arts College of Shanghai Normal University

2012 Blind Spots Gallery Yang | Beijing
2010 Get It Louder Sanlitun SOHO | Beijing
2008 The 5th Small Productions Event Shopping Gallery | Shanghai
2006 "What? What!" Sculpture Exhibition Wu Xing Gallery | Shanghai
Song Jiayin: The "Black Boxes" series focuses on the relationship of "coldness" in a visual sense, forming the emotional undercurrent of my creations. It includes the selection of materials, such as metal, plastic, transparent resin and other industrial materials. In "Black Boxes", there are the emotions which cannot be retold by words and the trivial answers given by Taoism, a tolerance to cruelty.