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  • Liu Han
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1987 Born in Dalian, Liaoning Province
2012 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts
Currently Studying at theDalian Industrial University for a master's degree

2012 Journey of A Thousand Miles - 2012 CAFA Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition CAFA Art Museum | Beijing
"The Boat of2012" "AUSSINO CUP" Annual Nomination Exhibition For Students Of Contemporary Art Academies
Today Art Museum | Beijing
Zeng Zhushao Scholarship of Sculpture Art Annual Rewards and Shortlisted Works Exhibition | Shanxi
Liu Han: My works explore indoor environments such as corridors, doors unlocked, doors locked, the light that cracks between the door and the floor, the long and gloomy aisles of my university. I bring these familiar environmental elements into a smaller space, heavy with light and shadow, highlighting the quiet and the familiar of our indoor lives.