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1983 Born in Beijing

2007 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Capital Normal University with a bachelor's degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing


2010 Some works were selected into the China play heldin Mustbeart Center | New York

2007 The Annual Contemporary Art College Nominated Exhibition Today Art Museum | Beijing

2006 Some works were selected into the Poster Design in China | Hamburg Germany


Su Hao: The artistic world is actually the human spiritual world, in which people express their most essential elements. I have been tr ying to interpret people based on their normal and abnormal states, although I realize no two persons are identical and each person is a unique living creature in the world. That said, there remain similarities and unities among people. What I am therefore doing is summarizing and presenting these shared features in front of viewers, to strike a chord or create a sense of shock in them. Works of art are not only about expression, but also involve and reflec t the artist's life. Based on some genuine aspect of my life, I create images and concepts, which in turn have the parallel effect of making my life genuine - as Jean Genet put it: "my loneliness recognizes your loneliness." I am therefore searching not only for myself but also for my accomplice.