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1980   born in Hunan Province

2004   graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, B.A.

2007   graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, M.A.

2011   Japan Kobe Design UniversityVisiting scholar

Currently Living and working in Beijing


2013   Taste the Color of Substance Mizuma & One GalleryBeijing

2011   Callus – Temporary Heaven Mandarins GalleryAntwerpBelgium


2012   FIVE STARS, ONE COUNTRY Mandarins GalleryAntwerpBelgium

2011    “small things-the art exhibition of Tan Ping and his students” Siemens art spaceBeijing

2009    “Chinese garden living”  EUROPALIA Brussels, Belgium

2008   “Ink-Not-Ink China contemporary Ink-painting invitation exhibition” Shenzhen Art Museum Today Art Museum ShenzhenBeijing

2007   “FLOATING-New Generation of Art in China”  National Museum of Contemporary ArtSeoul ,Korea



Yan Kai: Through my work, I try to put forward unspecific questions that do not need to be answered. These questions are just like an "intermediate" stat e, something between the known and the unknown, the rational and emotional, allusion and reality,the right and wrong. These chaotic in-betweens are manifested in certain points of time or a par ticular existence of space. I tried to find something that can combine and reflect these two ends but belongs to neither of them. I use tea as my means of drawing pictures. Tea's material form, originally familiar to us, is transformed into strange and intuitive colors in my painting.With such attention to delicate difference, I construct images of material and cultural landscapes.