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Wang Liwei

1983 Born in Yichun,  Hei Long Jiang Province.

2012 Graduated from Sculpture Department Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree.

2009 Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree.

Currently works and lives in Tianjin




2016 Art Nova 100, Beijing, China

Image View - young artist Overseas Tour, Singapore


Critical Connections, Swiss

Return to shanshui gallery opening exhibition, Beijing


Qi, Today Gallery, Beijing, China

Yingwu Xiangxing, Eli Klein Fine Art, New York, US


The 2nd Chong Qing Fine Art Biennial Exhibition, Chongqing Art Gallery, Chongqing, China


Not in Real, 0 Art Centre, Beijing, China



WANG Liwei: In my sculptures, leather is a material and also a symbol. Compared with other materials, people could more easily associate leather with themes of life, no matter life or death. In the oriental philosophical views of Karma, life and death are combined. The end brought by death is based on the continuity of life. Likewise, the continuity of life is also based on the end brought by death. This is neither my first attempt to employ leather for sculptures, nor could leather signatures my art. My style is marked by the lines where two pieces of leather meet, either by pasting or sewing.