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  • Li Jiaqi
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1996 Born in Xinyi, Guangdong Province

Currently studies at the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts for a bachelor´s degree  




A Utilitarian Exhibition, The White Space, Glasgow, UK




2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China


Join Small Rooms into a Large One, Exhibition Space of Printing Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


3D in Offices-Digital Art Exhibition, Cultural Media Co., Ltd., Beijing


Playing with Metal, Passage Gallery, Beijing

Sculpture Exhibition of Undergraduates, Passage Gallery, Beijing

Using Materials (Part 2), Passage Gallery, Beijing


Observation and Expression, Underground Exhibition Hall, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


Several of my recent works discuss time and space, in particular, the over and over again transformation between two-dimensional images and three-dimensional space. Most of my works are mainly print-based and are shown in behavior photography or videos. The printing of an image is one of the most convenient ways to disseminate information in the present day. Huge printed images are often used to cover and hide something and generate a perfect illusion. For instance, it is convenient and efficient to surround a construction site with printed pictures of trees and flowers, which can create a new fantasy space to cover the mess inside. The pleasure brought with ‘fake scenery” are also part of this work, becoming the language of it. Meanwhile, the images obtained from a single angle are a one-sided understanding of the space. The audience will have a new experience brought by the sculptural enclosing of multiple images.