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1992 Born in Zibo, Shandong Province

2016 Graduated from the Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor´s degree

2019 Graduated from the Fine Art Department of School of Visual Art with a master´s degree

Currently works and lives in LA




2019 Art Nova 100,Guardian Art Center,BeiJing,China

Hello!Dear World!, C5ART, Beijing, China

Super!Fun!Elastic!,  SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, US

What a woman, Artosino Gallery, New York, US

For love of (Im)Possibilities:Soft Power, VYV, Jersey City, US

Four Walls, SVA Flatiron Gallery, New York, US


Nostalgia For The Present, Bushwick Open Stuido, Brooklyn, US

Women to the front, Superchief Studio, Brooklyn, US


2017Art Nova 100, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China



 I use silicone, plastic and clay to make models and then construct a surrealistic miniature scene to express my understanding of the complex life and the humanity. I want to create a realistic visual experience for the audience by using real models.

My work, in the form of movie scenes, seeks to express the emotional or psychological state of human beings. Through some states of emotions, it causes the viewer to think about life and time. Some of these scenes come from dreams, some from books, and I extract the most crucial moments from these narrative plots. I hope that viewers will have a general emotional resonance and make their own imagination.

On the other hand, the contrast between the tactile sense of reality and the doll's virtual sense is presented as a miniature model. On the one hand, Dolls are controlled and manipulated by people, on the other hand, as a reflection of people's self-image, people would want to approach and peek into the box for narcissism and curiosity. In addition, most of the objects in the creations are hand-made, and though it is less elaborate than the machine is, it embodies the condensation of time and my emotional projection - because I want to persuade a high quality visual effect.