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  • Dong Jiayuan
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1997 Born in Huludao , Liaoning Province

2019 Graduated from Printing Department, School of Fine Arts, Shenyang University with a bachelor's degree

Currently works and lives in Shenyang


Group exhibition


2019 Art Nova 100,Guardian Art Center,BeiJing,China

Intermediate Place - Opening of HAET Paris Asian Contemporary Art Festival, 1 Cite Griset, 75011 Paris, Paris,France

Art Pingyao - Art Laozi Young Artists Exhibition, Ermu Art Museum, Pingyao,China


Oriental Letter-Inter-Youth International Youth Painting Exhibition, Art Museum of China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou,China

Independence Spirit - Third Exhibition, NL Enlai Art Museum, Beijing,China

Renewal of All Things - Shanghai Youth Art Expo, Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Museum, Shanghai,China

Visual Field of Intention-2018 National Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Tianjin Binhai Art Museum, Tianjin,China

17th National Collection Ticket and Small Print Art Exhibition, Guancheng Art Museum, Dongguan,China


Go the same way - Shanghai Youth Art Expo, Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Museum, Shanghai,China


For painting, I prefer the expression of emotions. The pictures presented by concrete images make them more picturesque. I think emotions are the essence of painting or art, repressed or relaxed, calm or throbbing. Painting for me is a way to vent emotions, a dependence, a destination. The process of painting is the process of venting. Those impulsive love and sadness can be seen by the creator himself. Black and white give the picture more depressing emotions, and paper is the carrier of the essence of painting. Paper painting is primitive and simple without the impulse to modify, no feelings of lies. The picture on paper is like a traveling record, which is made by sensibility, recording the days and nights of love and sadness between dreaming and waking up. The sky is still blue, instincts and habits have long been indifferent to time.