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  • Sun Ruiheng (Guai Wu)
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1986 Born in Changchun, Jilin Province

2011 Graduated from the Facility Agricultural Science and Engineering Department of Hohai University with a bachelor´s degree

2017 Graduated from the Design Interactions Department of Royal College of Art with a master´s degree

Currently works and lives in Shanghai




2019 Art Nova 100,Guardian Art Center,Beijing,China

Extreme Mix, Guangzhou Airport Biennale, Guangzhou, China

The Armor, Modern Art Museum Shanghai, Shanghai, China


Virtural Mockup, Jingan Park, Shanghai, China

Design Shanghai, Xintiandi, Shanghai, China


Bloop Festival 2017, Ibiza, Ibiza, Spain

Hyperboder, Chelsea Triangle Gallery, London,UK

Human Instrumentality Scheme, Hockney Gallery, London, UK


His works focus on the trend that human beings are dissociated from their biological, spiritual, and social aspects nowadays, and uses sculptures, images, devices, prints, and other media to show the themes. In October 2017, Aiwu founded an art and design studio “Morrow Agent” in Shanghai. The studio brings a number of outstanding designers and artists together and they are committed to diversified creative research. Through the experience of installations, experimental performances, conceptual design and other different forms of works, it explores the relationship and the connection between the concrete and the conceptual, and between the virtual and the real.