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  • Guo Xingyue
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1995 Born in Changde, Hunan Province

2018 Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor´s degree

Currently Studies at the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts for a master´s degree 




2019 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China

Not limited to one style - Teaching Exhibition of the First Studio of Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tao Xichuan Art Museum, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, China


Loading - Back Wave Art Exhibition 2.0, Rong Art Space, Beijing, China

Zeng Zhushao Scholarship Award and Nomination Exhibition, China Sculpture Museum, Datong, Shanxi Province, China

Joint Exhibition on the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations in Uruguay and China, 3rd Floor Art Center, Destination 7, the Workers' Stadiumi West Road, Beijing, China


From the Beginning - First Studio Teaching Exhibition of Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing, China


16th Open International Behavior Art Festival, Space Station, Beijing, China


 Gypsum, compared to wood, is an artificial material - proportion of water and the gypsum powder needed to be prepared by oneself, then mix and pour them into a suitable container for solidification. I collect boxes every day, such as throw-away lunchbox, biscuit boxes, tool packing box, express boxes, etc. Most of them are containers that are easy to find in everyday life. Although they are the products of industrialization, their shapes and sizes are very diverse, which provides the imaginary basis of "Carving according to the shape of the stone".

I am sensitive to and concerned about people's state, and I like to record and express the feeling people bring to me. Most of the figures in these reliefs come from my close friends. Some reliefs were even made directly from my usual sketches. In sculpture techniques, I mainly studied ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and ancient Chinese statues. I think they are simple and unadorned, refined and lively. But in the past, most of these techniques were used to make statues of gods and kings, and reliefs are solemn and monumental in my impression.
For these reasons, I continued to make these sculptures in this way.