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  • Yan Hongchi
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1988 Born in Tonghua, Jilin Province

2012 Graduated from the Mural Painting Department of Shandong College of Arts with a bachelor´s degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing



2019 Art Nova 100Guardian Art CentreBeijingChina

NOVA ART FAIR, Agricultural exhibition hall, Beijing, China

Prospect of Youth Art, MOSMAN and SEAFORTH GALLERY, Sydney, Australia

The 4th Wallpost Artist Exhibition, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China


NEW STAR ART AWARD, Jiangsu grand theatre, Nanjing, China

VIVE LE TRAVAIL, Yingspace, Beijing, China

2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China


CIGE, Agricultural exhibition hall, Beijing, China

Local Files, Yao Space, Shanghai, China


 I experience every bit of the creative process, the movement of the body, the touch of the paint, the change of light and color -- every step, every accident makes me feel excited and happy. Choices of colors and controls over the picture are not intended to represent something, reproduce a meaning, or express an interpretable result. Painting is a process, and the enjoyment of art does not end when the painting is finished.