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Ren Lun (Allen)

1989 Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

2012 Graduated from the Video Art of China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree

2015 Graduated from the Fine Art of University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Arts withe a master’s degree

2016 Instructor- Future media studio, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China.

Currently lives and works in Beijing China.




MW Performance, The Moshang Gallery, Beijing,China


Color watching under lighting, The Moshang Gallery, Beijing,China


So you can’t see, The gallery on the corner, London,UK




2019 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center,Beijing,China

NEXT-Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yiwu International Commodities Fair,Yiwu,China

Get Rid of Covering,Taihe Art Gallery,Beijing,China


“XUNXUN-4”,Parkview Green Art 798,Beijing,China

The hidden truth,YOUPIN Space,Wuhan,China


Under Cover-The Sixth Shuanghai Duolun Youth Art Exhibition,Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art,Shanghai,China

The Migration of Fission | 40x Junge Kunst aus China-the 3nd German and Chinese Young Artists Development Fund Joint Exhibition,Kommunale Galeria,Berlin


I am an artist and curator who currently based in Beijing. My art practice includes: videos art, sound art, drawing, painting and conceptual art projects, and I mainly focus on video art. Some of my works discuss the composition in motion, some express my ideas in the form of experimental images, and some are out of interest to me. These works are intended to show different human emotions through images. I want visitors to feel the expression behind my images and to respond psychologically and physically. The response may be minimal, or it may not be at all, but my image is like a seed buried deep in their memory, reawakened at some point in their lives..oetic form.