To make Art Nova 100's selection process transparent and fair, the 2012 Art Nova 100 Selection Committee included a number of art world experts who understand the development process of young artists. These included Fang Lijun, Feng Boyi, Liu Libin, Victoria Lu, Sun Guosheng, Wu Qiuyan, Xiang Jing, Ye Yongqing, and Zhao Li. They closely looked at the works of over 1,000 young artists from across China and selected 110 outstanding young artists to participate in the 2012 program. The 2012 Art Nova 100 program involves artists born in 1975 or after. It is diverse in selecting artists who have come from various top universities and places from all across China. Artists work in a variety of media, including oil painting, sculpture, ink, printmaking, photography, and installation. It is a one of a kind of event that provides an amazing overview of tomorrow’s artists and opportunities for their professional development. The 2012 Art Nova 100 also invited critics, curators and artists from Korea to select another 10 young Korean artists to participate in the program, providing audiences a look at the latest art trends in Korea.