In the spirit of fairness and openness, the 2011 Art Nova 100 organizing committee has invited a number of art world experts who have demonstrated long-term commitments to the development of China's young artists. These experts, who will serve as the 2011 Art Nova 100 artist selection committee, include Feng Boyi, Fu Xiaodong, Li Xu, Liu Libin, Lu Huan, Sun Guosheng, Xu Lei, Wu Qiuyan, Zhang Zikang, Zhao Li, and Zhou Chunya.


The selection committee will elect 100 outstanding young artists from across the country to participate in the program. Participating artists will be born in or after 1975 and work in a range of creative media, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, ink on paper, video and installation. The first group of finalists will include 100 young artists who will exhibit more than 300 works on September 22 at the Fangze Altar in Ditan Park. On that day, a grand launch ceremony and special VIP viewing will also be held. We look forward to helping these young artists along their way in their incredible artistic journeys.