The 2013 Art Nova 100 Selection Committee includes such luminaries as Feng Boyi, Park Youngran (Korea), Sui Jianguo, Wang Guangle, Wang Huangsheng, Wang Qi, Ye Yongqing, Yu Hong, and Zhao Li, who have worked together to uphold the principles of transparency and fairness in reviewing a vast number of artists nominated by critics and professionals, as well as the applications of more than 2,000 young artists. From these, the Selection Committee selected 100 of the most outstanding young artists to participate in the 2013 Art Nova 100.

These outstanding young artists were all born in 1975 or later and many graduated from top art universities. The range of media they work in is also impressive, including oil painting, sculpture, traditional Chinese painting, printmaking, video, and installation. The result is a striking selection of artists who represent key trends and practices among young artists in both China and Korea.