Wang Guangle



This is the first time that I have participated in such a large-scale activity like Art Nova 100 as a selection committee. Having seen such a vast range of works, I have found that there are many immature ideas guiding the processes of today's art students and recent graduates. All people have ideas, but it is the role of the artist to express these ideas in a visual language. However, I have not seen so many ideas in the works submitted. Perhaps it is not necessary to express ideas visually. Perhaps it is enough for an artist and his audience to focus only on the uniqueness of a work's visual language. Art is a difficult path to take in life. Young people who chooses this path must do everything to prepare for its challenges, and in this, Art Nova 100 is an incredibly valuable platform. For those who choose to become artists, my advice is to cultivate yourself because one's success as an artist depends entirely on what one has inside oneself.