Park Youngran

Senior Curator of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea


Today's art and the way to define art have been completely changed, so do the way of defining artists and creators. Look around each country, especially South Korea and China that underwent the rapid growth in the last century. The overall changes of the society due to this made the entire world's interest to Asian culture greatly raised by a large extent. After 1990, Asian contemporary art drew attention of the art circle all over the world, and the art market made great progress with each country's economy. During the late capitalism era, as contemporary art having entered the era of commercialization boasted the moral principle of current capitalism and the art creator, artists as the producers further penetratingly think about their own functions and attitudes towards life than anytime.


As the subject of originality, choosing the life of being artist means the life of pursuing true self. However, the artist's life more or less disaffiliates from the scope of ordinary one. Artists' works must, of course, have originality and artistry, and should not lose their own world for the sake of comparison or catering for trend while keeping the foothold in art circle. Profound knowledge and rich experience are the link for creators to connect with times, as well as the important factors to promote the development of the society through the works.


Today, when young artists once set foot on the road, they are attempting to find new and unique art, and will get greater development with the opportunity of the exhibition this time. In addition, they have expressed their positive direction of life to the whole society. We sincerely wish them to become artists with immense significance.