Wang Huangsheng

Director of China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Art Museum

Professorat CAFA


Through the evaluation of Art Nova 100, I saw such a wide range of works. The experience reminded me of my participation in last year's "CAFAM Future" exhibition of young artists. Many works by young artists have a sense of novelty. I constantly see new ideas and new roles for the artists in these works. As a whole, today's young artists have powerful emotions, individuality and unique tendencies. Sometimes, however, I find that it is just these fine emotions that deprive the artist of opportunities for real exploration and new thinking about the spirit of our society. Among the works, perhaps I was looking for something deferent than what these artists aimed to express. Certainly, there are many ways those artists can communicate the spirit of society. I do sense a strong power in the ideas of these young artists, and I believe this will continue to support them in their works.