Wu Qiuyan

Experimental MediaArtist, Independent Curator


The brightest spot of “Art Nova 100” is that it closely connects with future urbanization and pays much attention to the development and future of urban art. This combined with the active temperament of young artists is especially critical. Trans-boundary culture integrating with the strength of domestic art will be an important element in the future. Therefore, “Art Nova 100” has made a new experiment and, as all of us know, is off to a fine start. This is my first deep impression towards the “Art Nova 100”.


Secondly, as seen from the creative level of all registered artists, those freshly graduated from art colleges seem more willing to try out different media and use it to find them. A lot of examples can be found from the last “Art Nova 100” as well.


Thirdly, as seen from the international influence of the “Art Nova 100”, inclusiveness and the ability to attract participants are strong. Many overseas artists are now participating, an important symbol that “Art Nova 100” is continuing to develop and thrive.