Curator, scholar of art history, former person-in-charge of Taiwan Art Bank, and researcher at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Once studied and be engaged in academic work in Taiwan, UK, the Netherlands and other places. Once served as the researcher at Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong, the distinguished staff at Dimen Arts and Education Foundation, the research assistant and associate researcher at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the postdoctoral researcher at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies in the Netherlands, and the member of the Global Art Assessment Committee of CIABI, etc.

Once planned the "Taiwan Art Biennale" and other important exhibitions at home and abroad, has rich experience in artistic management and curatorial implementation, and often serve as the member of the committees of experts of art management, art, cultural industry and other fields. Once won the Guo Bochuan Paper Award and Shian Aesthetic Paper Award of Taiwan Art Foundation, Art Scholarship of Tzu Chi Foundation, Contemporary China Research Center Scholarship of National Tsinghua University, 2009 Taiwan Visual Arts Yearbook Annual Art Assessment, 2010 Taiwan's Top Ten Public Good Exhibition Curator and other honors.

Research fields include social history of art, visual culture research, contemporary art theory, Chinese modern and contemporary art, art exhibition planning, museum theory and practice, etc., art management, cultural policy, public relations and other fields. In recent years, in addition to being actively engaged in the publishing of relevant academic books, papers and comments, but also often participate in or preside over the academic seminars, workshops, forums, lectures, media interviews, promotion and education, paper review, art award review and other professional activities of relevant fields.