Having earned his PhD from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Liu is lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts and CAFA. He is a member of the Chinese Sculpture Institute, Academic Committee, and China Art Critics Association. Liu has planned several important exhibitions, including the first and second "Visibleinvisible" Abstract Art of China (2006, 2008), "The Third Annual Sculpture Exhibition of North China" (2007), "People · History - Exhibition of Studies of Chinese Art of the 20th Century"(2008), "Virtual City: New Power -China Contemporary Art Biennale" (2008), 798 Art Festival Theme Exhibition "Re-experimentation: a Reaffirmation of Will and Enlightenment " (2009) , and "Falsification - Exhibition of Outstanding Graduates Majoring in Oil Painting from Nine Academies of Fine Arts, He Xiangning Art Museum" (2009). Liu has published a number of influential articles, including Interpretation of China's Abstract Painting, "Goodbye" an Essential Attitude, Only as a Statement of the Avant-garde, Popularity of Digital Photography and "Image Carnival", Isolated Dualism and Presentation in Chinese Contemporary Art, Interpretation Value and Absurdity of Oliva, Art History of People during the Period of the Republic of China. In addition, Liu published Origin of Modern Sculpture – Research of Modern Sculpture During the Republican Era (Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House, 2010 edition), as well as translated Art and Artists (SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2010 edition).