Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, School of Humanities, Department of Art Management with a Master of Arts in Museum of Fine Arts. After graduation, she worked at Beijing Highlight Gallery, China Modern and Contemporary Art Document Research Center, wrote columns for periodicals such as China Contemporary Art, New Face New Art and other magazines focused on youth art. As a freelance writer she wrote for Art L'OFFICIEL, BAZAAR Art, BAZAAR Men, Art Beijing Guide, Shanghai Securities News, Dongfang Daily, Art Market, Art and Investment and The Gallery. She has been involved in the planning of a number of exhibitions, including 'Think Different - Young Artists Exhibition’,‘Micro Life','Art to the Former - Contemporary Youth Art Exhibition'. She was the independent curator of "Self - Four Emerging Artists Exhibition', 'The Story' exhibition and '1 in 100 – Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series Xu Hongxiang Solo Exhibition',Cocurator of the 6th Chengdu Biennale,'Art Beijing Art Breakthrough Theme Exhibition – Art Nova 100 Recommended Exhibition'. During 2009-2011, she planned and coordinated three consecutive 'Art Economy Forums'. In 2009, she served as media communications manager for the 'Global Collectors Conference (Reignwood Forum)'. In 2010, she participated in the coordination and organization of the 'Qi Baishi International Art Forum – the Third Forum'. In 2011, she participated in the preparation of the 'Art Nova 100' Project. Currently she is president of Beijing Mingtai Culture & Art Co., Ltd. and the director of 'Art Nova 100'.